5 Tips To Help You Hire The Right Toronto Plumber

Prior to selecting a plumber to work on your home plumbing, there are several things home owners should consider before hiring a plumber in Toronto.

Licensing: Always ask for a certificate to show that the plumber is licensed by the province to work as a plumber. You can log on to government websites to get the information if the plumber is licensed or not. One thing you should note as a person seeking a plumber is that, it is not automatic that a licensed plumber is always good or perfect. There are many sectors of plumbing, not all plumbers have experience in every single plumbing sector. When hiring a plumber for plumbing matters, ask if the Toronto plumber you’re speaking with has previous experience in the exact same plumbing matter. Above all, always choose a certified licensed plumber to avoid friction and problems during repairs or renovations with your plumbing.


Experience: Like any other job, seek to know for how many years the plumber has been been in the industry. A plumber with many years of experience is likely to give you quality work and positive outcomes for your money. Ask plumbers for their prior plumbing experience. Ask if they have experience with the same plumbing you require done. If you are doing a renovation and require an experienced plumber, it may be wise to search for local plumbing renovation experts. Many plumbing companies and plumbers often specialize in certain aspects of plumbing, such as plumbing renovations, heated flooring, bathroom renovations, emergency call plumbers and so on. Hiring a plumber licensed in Canada ensures the worker has at least 5 years experience as the Red Seal plumbing apprenticeships takes minimum five years to complete before licensed. The saying is true, “You get what you pay for”, hire an experienced local licensed plumber for all your plumbing needs.

Insurance: Seek clarification on whether the plumber has an insurance coverage, liability insurance and W.S.I.B. clearance. It is important for you to know this because the work of the plumber often times involves risk. It is vital for the plumber to have insurance or be covered by the companies insurance because you never know what can happen during work. During work, damages, injuries and accidents can occur and in such cases, insurance coverage could be of assistance.

Accurate Job Appraisal: Appraisal involves the process of evaluating of the job prior to hiring. This is often times referred to as an estimate or a quotation. Accurate estimates are very important because if an inexperienced plumber prices the job incorrectly, it may lead to problems during the project. It is best to get several estimate quotations for plumbing and compare the findings. It is common practice to hire the plumber who gave an accurate estimate for work that wasn’t too high and wasn’t too low. During quotations, if any estimates are much higher than others, or much lower estimates than other plumbers, ask these companies and plumbers why their price is too high or too low?

Warranty On Work: Prior to the start of the work, choose a plumber who can sign that there is warranty on labour and work. Most honest licensed plumbing companies are more than willing to provide warranty on work. The duration of warranty can vary from plumber to plumber and company to company. Search for local plumbers and one can easily find companies that offer at least a one year warranty on a plumbers work.

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