How to Save on Site – 4 Types of Cheap Roofs

Choosing the best coverage among the types of cheap roofs is a difficult decision. Considering that a work requires good financial planning, as unforeseen events can lead to unexpected expenses, generating greater losses if the work has to “stop” due to lack of financial resources, choosing a good roof is fundamental. At Energy Roofing, call today a free roof inspection.

It is virtually impossible to guarantee that a work, renovation or construction, will not present any problem. Therefore, it is prudent to make choices that minimize this risk.

Building coverage can be saved with cheaper, lighter, safer and more durable tiles. In this article we list four types of cheap new roofs for you to consider in your project. Check out!


1 – PVC roof

PVC tiles are made up of about 8% acrylic material, contrary to the common sense that this type of tile is made of plastic only. This composition ensures that they have greater durability as they do not break easily.

2 – Recessed roof

One limitation of the types of cheap roofs is aesthetics, which in some cases are undermined as the price of tile goes down. This is the case of fiber-cement roof tiles, for example, which are very economical. Call roofing contractor Los Angeles today.


3 – Roof “a water”

If you want to save money by looking for cheap roof types for your building, the “one water” roof is a great option. This roof model has only one direction of rainwater runoff, that is.

4 – Ecological roof

Among all the types of cheap roofs that we present, the one that offers the most advantages is the green roof.

It is composed of ecological tiles, which are found in models similar to fiber cement tiles: in corrugated plates tied or bolted to rafters.

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