Tips For Moving Home Or Apartment Without A Headache

Moving home (or apartment) brings a sense of renewal, but it gives you a lot of trouble. The process can be a little simpler with planning and some strategic tips. Here, we at a moving company in Tampa recommend following tips. Check out:

Tips For Moving Home Or Apartment Without A Headache

1 – Check furniture measurements

While leaving the old address and arriving at the new address, you need to evaluate whether the items to be transported fit into elevators or stairs. In addition to transportation, you need to assess whether the new home can accommodate the furniture you intend to bring.

2 – Pack in advance

At least 15 days before the changeover date, it’s time to start packing clothes and objects. Begin the process with items you rarely use, such as special occasion crockery. Before you box, evaluate: Do you really wear that? Is it in perfect condition? This is the time to either forward to donation or repair. 

3 – Protect clothes

Usually, the boxes used for moving are those from supermarkets, that is, they will certainly be dirty. Therefore, it is worth putting personal and bedding in plastic bags before packing. If you can rent or borrow macaws, they make it easy to carry clothes on hangers. 

4 – Attention to appliances

Before packing the appliances, remove all removable parts and use tape or strings to secure the detachable parts. Bubble wrap (many turns) protect TVs and other delicate equipment.

5 – Do not leave the boxes empty

Fill the spaces inside the boxes with craft paper or newsprint, so you prevent objects from moving inside them and getting damaged during transportation.

6 – Plan the big day

In the case of apartments, before setting the changeover date, check the building rules. There are condos that only allow one change per day, others that have certain days to go out and receive changes. Also, be sure that if you ship a car there that there is room on the street for the car carrier truck.

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