Have A Good Move With These Pro Tips

If you need to move soon, you probably want to ensure that it’s a good move! This can be easy to achieve in several different ways, no matter how you’re selling your home. Just remember to renovate carefully, use social media to your advantage, clean up to get good listing photos, and ensure that the world can see your full floor plan. If you still have questions, here are the top tips to ensure that your move is a good move.

Move With These Pro Tips

  • You Don’t Have To Renovate The Whole House

You don’t have to renovate your whole house to move! That’s just a waste of money. Renovating your space won’t increase the price point of your house, so it just sucks money out of your pocket. Instead, try repainting your rooms in neutral colours to showcase how much space there is in your home. Make sure your carpets are clean and shiny and don’t have any obvious stains or scuffs. Polish any wood or tile floors before listing, and if your kitchen cabinets are looking a little old, don’t renovate them! Instead, they can benefit from the same coat of paint that you’re putting on the rest of the house. Paint is much cheaper than renovations, and can often raise the cost of your home by just as much.

  • Use social media To Your Advantage

Social media is a great way to show that you’re trying to sell a home. If you’re working with a real estate agent to sell, they should already be listing your property on home-selling websites like Zillow or Trulia, but there are several different avenues that you can use to promote. Make sure you post about your home on Facebook Marketplace to draw any watching eyes there, and you can even push out posts on Instagram and Twitter to underline how great your home is. If you need more places to advertise, you can always put a physical sign in your yard, and find advertising spaces in local businesses with community notice boards.

  • Show Off Your Floor Plan

Show off your floor plan when you’re creating your listing. Not every angle of your home is going to fit into a photograph, but when you include your home’s floor plan in your listing, you can show a potential buyer every square inch of your space. This is a great help when trying to make your home stand out from dozens of others, and can help buyers envision themselves in your space. Floor plans do show your customers just how great your home is, and they can ensure that you land that perfect sale.

  • Clean Up Your Space

Cleaning up your clutter can make your listing photos pop! If your house is too full of stuff, your buyers won’t know what’s the house and what’s just your mess. Instead, showcase your storage and clean off the shelves! Don’t shove it all in the closet, either, because you need to show how deep your closets are to your potential buyers. Instead, get rid of some clutter when you move. Yard sales, eBay, or even just a storage unit can all help clean up your home so that your buyers realise how truly great the space is.

Make Sure You Have A Good Move With These Four Tips

Of course, here’s the secret tip that no one will tell you– if you want to really save money and move quickly, you can do it with a cash buyer. Cash buyers are great because they already have the money, they need to purchase your home before you even ask them to buy, and that means that you’ll never have to work with a mortgage lender or bank loan ever again. Cash buyers will purchase your home in as-is condition too, which means that you don’t have to repair or renovate your home before it can sell. Cash buyers purchase quickly, easily, and for a price that’s just under what you would have received on the open market anyways. After repair fees and realtor costs, though, what you’re earning working with a cash buyer is almost identical to your total profits on the open market anyway. Overall, all of these tips can help you sell your home quickly and make your move a good move.

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