Gardening Tips To Help Your Plants

Gardening is a very fun and relaxing hobby and one of the reasons for this is the exchange of tips that happens when you meet another practitioner of this activity. Here’s a short list of gardening tips for you to write down or call the Gardeners Bristol for gardening services.

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  1. Air the soil of your garden

Professional farmers always warn about the importance of aerating the land at least twice a year. Take a cordless drill and drill the earth, fill the holes with rocks and leave the rest empty. These holes will help to oxygenate the root area.

  1. Use coffee grounds to enrich the soil

Coffee grounds can be great fertilizers. You can add them to a compost pile along with leaves and grass, or in compost boxes by mixing them with shredded paper, dry leaves or other carbon sources. Mix it all well and put it in moist soil with nitrogen fertilizer.

  1. Put eggshells in the ground to repel slugs

If slugs or snails are eating your plants and ruining your garden, there is a very easy and fast way to avoid this. A valuable gardening tip is to place broken eggshells in the soil near the pots being attacked. 

  1. Magnesium sulfate can do good for your tomatoes 

Many know that magnesium sulfate can bring benefits to the human body when placed in bath water. What many do not know is that this substance can also be very useful in gardening. The magnesium and sulfate are important ingredients for plant growth. 

  1. Avoid crawling insects using aluminum foil

If some insects are going after your vegetables, a gardening tip is to put a foil paste around pumpkins or tomatoes, for example, to prevent them from getting there. This type of insect simply tends to avoid metals in general.

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