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Sharing your home with rodents is not fun; on the other hand, it is really hard to discover them. There is nothing impossible though, our Rodent Control Company with 13 years of experience will provide rodent control services to stop rat infestation, help with rodent removal and attic clean up, attic cleaning and attic decontamination all throughout Los Angeles. Our staff will help you permanently get rid of the rodents that have been invading your home with a one time lifetime rodent free solution.

If you have any of the following issues you need to contact our Los Angeles Rodent Control Company:

  • Squeaks and other weird noises. If you hear squeaks, rustling, and scampering sounds better check if you have some unwanted guests. As rodents move around and nest they make noises that are most apparent at night as you go to sleep.
  • Pellets. Rodents leave a lot of droppings mostly in pantries, cupboards, drawers and in other places where they can find food or just hide.
  • Nibble/gnaw marks on food, food boxes, wood etc. These usually come along with nearby droppings. Gnawing is a typical characteristic of a rodent. They will chew on anything in order to keep their incisor teeth.
  • Grease marks. Mice can pass through very small openings, as small as a quarter of an inch. When they do this they leave behind oil and dirt in their coats which creates grease marks.
  • An unpleasant odor. Especially mice have a musky smell that is impossible not to notice.
  • Rodents build nests from fabric, furniture stuffing, twigs, shredded paper and other materials. They set their nests in boxes, closets, walls and very often between floors and ceilings.
  • Pet excitement. If your pets are psyched, especially near a possible rodent hiding area you’d better check what is going on.
  • Footprints. In dusty spots you can easily notice any footprints and tail marks. The type of tracks can give you an idea about what kind of rodent you are dealing with. If you are having a hard time tracking the spots just use a flashlight

Have you noticed anything familiar? If so, do not hesitate to contact Rodents Stop, which is one of the best rodent control companies in Los Angeles.   rodent-control

Be quick, as soon as you spot a problem or you just suspect that there might be one, call us and our professionals will carefully and effectively deal with your rodent infestation problems.

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