Cost Comparison of Temporary Walls NYC with Trending Designs in 2020

It is getting common to have temporary walls in NYC ( in every home but everything has a certain price tag and so does the wall too. There are different kinds of temporary walls in trend. Each type or kind has a different price. The cost of some of them are:

Temporary Walls NYC with Trending Designs in 2020

  • Bookshelf temporary wall: We all love books. We love to read and write. So, why do not we divide the room with bookshelf temporary wall? It is a wall in which there would be half of the wall will be a bookshelf. Its price is not that much. It would be in the range of $950 to $1250 which means you can do it easily and it will get easier if you and your friend will contribute together.
  • Pressurized wall: Pressurized wall can fall into the category of the decent and formal wall. It looks like as if broad slides are joined to each other to make it a wall-like structure. It can divide the room while giving proper room to each person or space to every room. It can cost you from $800 to $2000 at Temporary Wall New York. Yet, it is more expensive than bookshelf but it will give you a decent wall which you can decorate with fairy lights, pictures or you can paint it as well.
  • Partial walls: Partial walls are stud wall like but there is space in the middle. Although that space looks like a door, there is not any swing door. Space can be in a corner or the middle. Its objective is to connect two rooms and give door to each of them- the space works like a door, as it is illegal in NYC to make a temporary wall without a door.

The wall is the cheapest of all. It will cost you from $150 to $500 which means that you have to save money for a few months and the wall is ready.

  • Swing door: If you want to divide a room into two and want each person to have privacy and space, then the wall with swing door is the best. It will give space to each person while keeping them connected. It will give a formal look to each place and, most importantly, it obeys the law that parted room should have window and door. It will cost you from $700 to $2500 at All Week Walls.
  • Glass partition wall: These walls are must-buy if you have a large place and you want to dedicate one part to formal events and parties. It consists of pieces of glass which are joined together. They can move sideways. If you keep them connected, then it will take a picture, painted on it. Its cost is $550 to $650 at Alibaba.

So, these are the costs of trending temporary walls in 2019 and it will be same in 2020 as well. You can buy them from All Week Walls or Temporary Wall NYC. Each of them has its beaut, so buy according to your taste, need, want and budget but don’t forget to value your room partner. He or she has his or her taste.

If you two are book lovers or have a lot to read then go for bookshelf wall but if you two have different interests then think about the wall with swing door and if any of you snore, then soundproof the wall. It will cost you $150 to $300.

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