Advantages Of Having A Loft Conversion In Kent, UK

The county of Kent is an affluent part of the United Kingdom with house prices soaring:

Quote: “During the last year, sold prices in Kent were 9% up on the previous year and 24% up on 2013 when the average house price was £255,223. “

Since the year 2013 house prices have increased in Kent, UK by around 24% meaning that if in 2013 a house was £300,000 it would now be £372,000.

How A Loft Conversion For Residents’ of Kent, UK Can Be Of Further Advantage


If you take a house that now has a value of £372,000, and construct a loft conversion on that particular property (loft conversions can increase the value of a property in Kent by around 25%) that property can end up being worth £465,000. That is an eye watering increase in value of £93,000!

How Much Would A Loft Conversion Cost Me?

Usually, Kent loft conversions would cost in the region of £35,000-£40,000, so an investment of around £37,500 could yield an increase in the value of a property by a sum in the region of around £93,000, meaning a large profit of £55,500 in total.

This is one very compelling reason why people would be interested in investing in the expansion of their property.

Rental Opportunities For Kent Homeowners?

Another reason is the fact that with the additional space added onto a property, some people would choose to use this additional space to let out to tenants, generating an additional income for the owners of the property in question (this is common in the Kent area, due to the fact that the price of renting a property has increased, and hiring an attic space to live in is much cheaper).

Quick Checklist – Hiring Builders From Kent

1/ Make sure that you take up the services of a reputable building company, you want to make sure the company you choose have a good reputation and a good standing with the public because you’re trusting them to make intricate changes to your property.

2/ Ask to see a portfolio of previous works, builders around the areas of Kent and London tend to be very busy in their trade, for that reason you should be able to see a portfolio of previous works.

3/ Price check the builders quotes against other building companies’ quotes, this is important to make sure you’re getting a price that is fair and representative of the service that you’re taking up, it’s good practice to get around 3 quotations for the same job (if it is a loft or basement conversion).

In Summary

Make sure that you adhere to the above advice, this is a big investment not only for your property, but also your future, and it can have a large positive effect on your finances if handled correctly.

If in doubt at any stage of proceedings, seek the advice of the professionals at for further information and guidance.

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