Carpet Cleaning Tips

Do you need carpet cleaning tips for your dirty carpets or rugs?Are they stained, dirty, and smelly? You’re in luck, because this blog post provides the tips you need to get your carpets clean, soft, and fresh again. Read the carpet cleaning solutions below and learn how to care for your carpets. If you don’t have time to do them, you can always have a trusted professional come by your home or office and do it for you.


Clean the Carpet Stain Immediately

The best time to clean a stain on your carpet is when the stain happens. If you spill wine or chocolate sauce on your carpet, you can’t wait to clean it up. If you do that, the stain will set and be that much harder to get rid off. In other words, it’ll be set in your carpet and only a professional carpet cleaner will be able to get rid off it for you. So, when it comes to carpet stains, don’t delay. Take action as soon as the stain happens. The sooner you get the stain up, the better.

Dab It, Don’t Smear It In

Don’t smear the stain in it by rubbing it into the carpet. You need to lightly dab it with a damp cloth to get the stain up. If you try to scrub it, it will only work the stain into the carpet. So be light with your dabbing and get the stain up that way. If you’re rough with the stain and work it into the carpet you’ll need a professional carpet cleaner to get the stain up.

Use Dish Soap, Not Bleach

The best thing to use on a fresh carpet stain is dish soap diluted with water. A good formula is 1 cup of water and one tablespoon of dish soap.That’s because dish soap is gentle, and won’t stain your carpet as it removes the stain. If you use bleach, you’ll more than likely ruin your carpet right off the bat.  Put it in a spray bottle, give it a shake, and then spray the stain. Let that solution sit on the stain for ten minutes. You’ll then take a  damp cloth and dab up the solution and the stain. Do this same procedure three more times and see how much  of the stain you can eliminate. If you can’t get all of the stain up this way, call your local carpet cleaner to get the rest up for you.

When to Call a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Some carpet stains are best left to the professionals. If the stain is large, old, or on expensive carpeting, you should call a professional carpet cleaner. They’ll be able to get stains out you never could. Your carpets will smell fresh, feel soft, and look brand new. Most professional carpet cleaning is safe for your home and family.


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