Most Common Stove Repair and Refrigerator Repair Issues

Stoves and refrigerators are one of the most common home appliances. And our life usually comes to a halt if such basic appliances suddenly refuse to work. Here are some most common stove repair and refrigerator repair issues along with their brief solutions.


Refrigerator Repair Issues

Refrigerator noise is one of the most common refrigerator repair issues. If your refrigerator is producing noise, you should first check the condenser fan motor. In most cases, the condenser fan motor is located at the rear bottom of the refrigerator near the compressor. First, disconnect the power and remove any panels to access the fan. Look for any obstruction that might be causing the noise. Also, check the rubber mountings for signs of wear and tear.

Second, check the evaporator fan motor. It pulls air over the evaporator coils when the compressor is running and is located in the freezer compartment. If the sound appears to be coming from the freezer, it is likely to be due to evaporator motor. Remove the evaporator fan cover and inspect the motor. It can be due to the ice or frost or the motor could be faulty.

Leaking is another common refrigerator problem. Worn out door gaskets and seals often cause leaking. Moisture along the edges of the door is a sign of damaged gasket. Replace the defective gaskets and keep them clean to prolong their life.

Stove Repair Issues

The most common stove problem reported by people is stove not starting. Stove fuse is the first thing to check. In most cases, a blown-up fuse indicates another problem that caused the short circuit.

Broil element produces high heat for broiling. First, check for the signs of physical damage to broil element. If it is torn, it needs a replacement. If it looks fine, then you need to check it with a multi-meter.

Do not try to repair the problems that you do not understand. To repair complex problems, always call a professional repair company.

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