Ideas for to Updating Your Bathroom Rugs

Do you wish you could update your tired and rundown bathroom rugs now? If you are thinking of changing your rugs, there are a lot of great ideas to keep you satisfied. Every year there is a new wave of ideas when it comes to bathroom accessories. But this year let’s focus on updating your old bathroom rugs.

If you browse the most updated collections for bathroom accessories (check out Decor Snob), rugs are very important in unifying the overall theme of your bathroom and therefore you should consider using bathroom rugs that have at least the same color scheme as the rest of your bathroom elements and accessories such as your shower curtains, window curtains, vanity accessories and so on. But other than color, there are many creative ways to update your bathroom rugs.

A rug that is made to look like rows of pumice stones is a unique and awesome idea. Picture (in your head) rows of grey to black pumice stones but when you touch or step on these, you would be stepping on a soft rug. This is a pretty clever idea for homeowners that would like to bring the outdoors in and create a natural touch in their bathrooms.


Colorful whimsical spirals are perfect designs for bathroom rugs. Patterns which consist of spirals that differ in thickness are placed closely together to create a fun and wonderful pattern! The rug is soft and lush to the touch which makes it very suitable as a rug near the tub or shower stall. You would want to touch and step on this rug again and again because it is very comfortable to touch.

Another great idea for rugs in your bathroom are area rugs that have bold animal prints. Although these design patterns are not too modern, large animal prints such as zebra stripes and tiger spots draw attention to the design and make your bathroom look more up to date. You can select from animal stripes and patterns in different color combinations as well as different types of rug thickness.

Updating your bathroom rugs is a great way to improve the overall look of your bathroom plus it helps you reduce your heating bills too. Rundown rugs may not sufficiently protect your feet from the cold which leads to you cranking up the heat, and so you may need to update your rugs regularly. Apart from this worn out rugs may not offer protection from slips and falls, so changing them periodically is a must.

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