How to Remove Tree Stump

After cutting the tree remains a tree stump, which, as a rule, spoils the entire garden. In some cases, stumps you can use for decorative purposes, but usually they have to get rid of. There are several ways to remove the site stump, which vary in time, labor, and financial costs. The stump grinding services are the best solution. 

However, the old big trees have big and deep roots that are firmly trenched in the earth, and removing them will be pretty difficult. In such cases, chemical treatments are available to remove them.

How to Remove Tree Stump

Chemical methods

There’re two ways of chemical treatment of stumps:

Spreading a slice;


This technique is applied for hardwoods. This treatment is performed in dry climate at low heat. Cut a stem or barks with a saw or spray with chemicals. A very useful medicine is the 10% butyl ether solution. The root barks have to be treated in soil itself.

A frequent technique to remove a large number of stems is to treat it using nitrate chemical. In this way, the stem parts in the soil and root are burnt. In the pit, drill holes in which nitrate to top of the saltpeter. Then all holes are blocked with corks. In this way, hemp is left awaiting the summer. In this time, the stump will dry. Then it can be burned. The process is performed in early fall or summer.

Chopping a stump is an old and proven method

There are some disadvantages of using chemical. During eliminating stump, they keep in the ground and can damage several trees, especially fruits and berries, nearby. Therefore, in a fruit garden, it is most excellent to use an old technique of uprooting.

For rooting, it is essential to excavate soil around a trunk. Then the trunk is fastened with a secure cable that is preliminarily pulled through a winch.

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