Botanical Garden Getaway Revealed at Loxahatchee Florida

A location that is bursting with surprises

Even though Loxahatchee is a rather remote little community in the South of Florida there are an incredible amount of extremely interesting places surrounding this community all of which are providing both residents and visitors with an incredible amount of things to do. One of these very special attractions in the area are the Mounts Botanical Garden, a Loxahatchee Business and tourism boost which is an amazing place with spectacular scenery which has become very popular both among residents and visitors to this area. This Park is open seven days a week during daylight hours however on all recognized holidays the park will be closed and therefore it may be best to contact their office in older to ensure that a visit will be possible. When this Park is visited it is best to obtain a map from the office which will clearly indicate some of the most interesting places with in these botanical Gardens. This map will be able to point visitors to areas such as the special events area, the rain garden, the vegetable and fruit garden, the dry stream bed and also the butterfly garden to mention only a few interesting sites. It should not be difficult to locate the botanical Gardens because there are directions available online to ensure that even visitors to the area would be able to find these botanical Gardens without any trouble at all.

An excellent venue for any event

Because of the spectacular scenery in this botanical Gardens it has become very popular for a variety of events such as weddings. This scenery allows for amazing wedding photos to be taken and there are also a lot of things which could be done by wedding guests. Just remember when an event is planned it should be remembered that such an event should comply with the business hours which has been established for these botanical Gardens. The cost of featuring your event in these botanical Gardens will be $500 which will include hundred chairs which could be used to seat your guests. There are also several well-established events which are conducted annually in these botanical Gardens such as the book discussion series which are held in September and there are also the very popular summer evening strolls with the director and many other exciting events.

Obtaining an event calendar

In order to ensure that none of the spectacular events in the botanical gardens are missed it is possible to download an event calendar online which will give a substantial amount of details regarding all of the things which are planned annually at this amazing venue. There are several classes and other courses for which people could register and permanent members of these botanical Gardens will even receive a substantial discount when they participate in these classes. There are also the occasional plant sale where visitors can purchase all kinds of plants and on such occasions there are over 80 plant vendors which are exhibiting their products to the public. This often includes plants which are very rare and which are not readily available to the public. On such occasions people can obtain a lot of information regarding the plant life in the South Florida region.

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