How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Pool Screen?

When you think of your backyard swimming pool and the addition of a pool screen in it, do you automatically think of the costs associated with the repair? The simple answer is no. But did you know that some pool owners are actually surprised to learn just how much it pool screen repair costs?

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Pool Screen

The best way to describe the process of repairing a screen is to compare it to shopping for a new pair of running shoes. You might have spent hundreds of dollars on those particular shoes, not to mention the various pumps, cleats, etc. But when you actually get them home, you realize that you spent so much money only to find out that they don’t work right. The same thing goes for your pool’s screen and the glass enclosures that surround it.

In fact, there are actually dozens of companies that make and sell swimming pool screens and glass enclosures. Most people only deal with companies that have a long list of positive reviews. Unfortunately, that list is often short lived and inaccurate. Why do you think this happens? Well, companies make it very easy for us to think that repair prices are extremely high because that is the way that they get paid.

If you were to walk into each and every company on that list and asked the price of their repairs, you would probably get a different answer. Why? Because that would require you to travel to each and every company in the area and get quotes from each one. If you don’t have access to the internet, this can be extremely time consuming. Visit to get started.

What if you could instead find a company that had a website that you could go to for a quote on repairing your broken glass screen? Not only would this be faster, but you would also be able to compare quotes from several companies. This way, you would be able to see who was offering the best deal. If you were to try to get a quote like that from a “standard” company, you may find that you are being quoted a much higher price than what you thought. So why settle for anything but the best?

When you are thinking about repairing your own pool equipment, always ask yourself “How much does it cost to repair a pool screen?”. If you don’t want to take the chance on replacing the entire thing, then take the time to contact a professional repairman. They are always available, and you will never have to worry about not being able to afford them. When you consider how much you are paying in interest on getting a quote from a standard company, you will realize how much more valuable it is to use a repairman. You will be able to get the job done quickly and without having to worry about it being more expensive than it has to be.

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