Custom Furniture, Drapery and Upholstery Agoura Hills

Are you looking for custom upholstered furniture and draperies in Agoura Hills or in the nearby places? Then try visiting Daniel’s Design House to find the worlds most carefully designed draperies and furniture to satisfy your unique taste, founded in 1980, we have been dubbed as the most trusted source for interior design across the region. Talk about drama, elegance, and perfection, Agoura Hills drapery brings you the best of whatever theme you are looking for. Daniel’s Design House offers a wide selection of custom draperies and upholstered furniture, embellished with delightful and artistic designs to give your window a touch of refinement and sophistication. Our personalized window treatments and upholstered furniture are unique, creative and functional.


Add a finishing touch into your windows with window treatments offered in Agoura Hills upholstery by Daniel’s Design House. Change the look of your room with custom upholstered furniture and drapery for every changing season, or whenever the mood strikes you. So whether you are looking for a simple sofa or a classy couch to bring beauty to a room, know for certain that our design house is the one to provide you with all of your design needs. From loveseats to sofa, club chairs, benches, dining chairs, living room side chairs, ottomans and more, our expert designers and staff are always to talk about your specific requirements for furniture or fabric.

The amazing drapes and upholsteries in Agoura Hills are one of a kind and come in various forms, styles and functions. Gone are the days when you shop for items and you were not given any assistance from the store. With Daniel’s Design House, you will be treated like royalty and will be given access to special services such as free estimates, free pick-up and delivery, professional installation, high-end design services and an onsite workroom to deliver your draperies instantaneously. Agoura Hills drapery will deliver you a quality service like no other we will guarantee to deliver exactly what you need.

Daniel’s Design House of Agoura Hills provides personalized drapes and upholstery in the following service areas including Westlake Village. Whether you want luxurious or simple, soft floaty fabrics or harsh edges, stationary or functional—you name it, we provide it. Our window treatments will give your window and room an exquisitely fine look. Since 1980, the company has never stopped delivering high-quality standard designs and incomparable customer service.

The creations the prolific and professional designers from Daniel’s Design House assures to always deliver personalized window treatments perfect for anyone’s taste. Drapery Agoura Hills also makes sure to provide you the privacy that you need without compromising the fabrics design and artistry. Our trained and professional customer service crew and designers are very willing to give you guidance in terms of how you can still enhance the beauty of your room. With our hundreds and options available, you will never run out of designs to suit your room, because with us, our creations are limitless.

Our company is devoted and highly dedicated to give you only the best and the highest quality designs of draperies and furniture, likewise custom window treatments. We are most pleased in serving and delivering your chosen items directly to your home with our service area in Agoura Hills . We work closely to our clients and have constant communication in every aspect of the design process—from planning to completion. We 100 percent guarantee to provide you the best of the best as it is what keeps our clients loyal to us. Because we deliver only high-end custom window treatments, fabrics and furniture to the residents of Agoura Hills, we know and we are confident that we will truly bring satisfaction to all customers who will be working with us.

For immediate response to your concerns, and to know the latest updates on designs and products, call Daniel’s Design House’s hotline number at (818) 707-7379 .

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