Spring has Sprung! Celebrate with a New Chair

There is one thing that goes well with spring-cleaning, and that is buying new furnishings for your home. Spring is a season of freshness and renewal, following a long winter of being cooped up indoors and fighting the cold, and that means that it feels great to introduce some new things around the house, like a new favourite leather chair, love seat or couch. What could be better than sitting by an open window in your new piece while sunshine spills over your body and birds sing outside during one of the first truly warm days of the year?

No one would blame you for getting depressed during a particularly gloomy winter – that’s one of the biological effects that people experience when they are deprived of sunlight and Vitamin D. Remember that the one thing that can perk anyone up and make them feel renewed is a new piece of comfortable furniture. When deciding to make your new purchase, you should consider leather, as it is one of the most natural, durable, and comfortable materials that you can find.


There are many benefits to purchasing leather furniture. As discussed above, it’s the most comfortable material you can buy, with outstanding breathability which means that it doesn’t get hot or uncomfortable the longer you sit on it (perfect for binge-watching a new Netflix series or devouring that new book!). It’s also incredibly durable, typically becoming more, not less, comfortable (and attractive) as it ages. Cleaning it, too, is a snap – it naturally resists staining. Some companies that use it in their furniture have even started incorporating soybean-based cushions into their products, lowering its environmental profile and making it an even more natural product than before.

Another reason, besides the change of seasons, that people update their home furnishings is due to downsizing. When you move into a smaller space you need to choose your pieces carefully, as some may have to pull double duty to make up for the fact that you don’t have as much space as you used to (which can, obviously, be a good thing if your children have moved out or you’re tired of keeping it up!). When you speak to a knowledgeable salesperson about these challenges, like those you’ll find at The Chesterfield Shop, they’ll often be able to point you in the right direction, towards pieces that can serve “double duty,” such as a new recliner or an L-shaped couch.

There are many reasons to update your furniture due to changes in your life – spring is actually just a small example of this process, which we all experience. If you are going through a divorce, a break-up, or you’ve had to leave your home for potentially difficult reasons, it can be much easier (and better for your mental health) to replace as much of your furnishings as is feasibly possible. When doing so, be sure to consult with a salesperson at an established retailer like The Chesterfield Shop, which has been around since 1948 ­– long enough that they’ve helped countless people with their life transitions.

Furniture can be trendy or traditional, but the most important thing is that it be comfortable and made of durable materials. That’s why it’s so crucial that you purchase from a reputable company that has an established reputation in the industry. For a good understanding of what that kind of retailer has to offer, go here to check out the best selection of chairs in Toronto. Trends in interior design come and go, and so do some retailers – so regardless of what style of furniture you’re considering buying, make sure you get it from a place that has been around long enough to give yourself faith in their products.

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