How To Clean Your Room Thoroughly

Everyone likes clean things. You must keep your room clean as it reflects your discipline. Nobody likes dirty room. So, here are some steps which will help you to clean your room.


  • It is very necessary to through the garbage out of your room. The garbage may include candy or chocolate wrappers, old food, dirty tissues, papers which you don’t use, etc. So, the first step in cleaning your room bagging the garbage.
  • The most important step in cleaning your room is going through all the stuff you accumulate. Take out the junk from under your bed and then put it in a pile. Add anything lying on your bed, the floor or your desk in it. Your drawers may also contain some stuffs which you don’t use so don’t forget to dump out your drawers and empty your closet.  When you have all piled up all the stuffs which you don’t use then take that out of your room and through that in the dustbin.
  • When you will be cleaning your room you will find many things which don’t belong to our room so you need to put those things to their right place.
  • Pile up all the dirty clothes and bed sheets and then wash them or take them to the laundry.  This will keep your room clean.
  • After doing all these things, it’s time to clean your room. Start cleaning your furniture, shelf, desk, and bedside table. You can clean them soap water. After cleaning them, clean your windows. Use the paper towel and a little water to clean your windows. This will make your room look clean.
  • When you are done with all these then do vacuum the floor and hang the clean curtains on your windows.

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