3 Tips for Better Wood Siding

When it comes to install wood siding, there are a number of things you need to mind. Wood siding materials are used to protect to weatherproof or surface exterior walls.  The finish on exterior of the siding lumber provides protection while being a designing element to your wall. But, if you fail to install them the right way, your home is still vulnerable to some unwelcome stains and defects. So follow these Siding Boards tips to say on the safe zone.


  • Seal Wood before installing it

This is a common mistake, if the wood siding is not sealed prior to installation, it won’t do you any good. You need to seal the wood as it will protect the wood from harsh weather conditions. It also helps the paint and stain to last long. If you forget to do this, then even the best siding material won’t survive for long.

  • Paint and Stain

Apart from the finished look, painting and staining will help prevent the moisturizing from rotting the wood. It is important that you paint your siding for houses. Don’t forget to cover the back and edge. The wood siding are only painted and stained in front but if you paint the side and back, you will protect the siding even better.

  • Install Water Resistant Building Paper

Don’t forget to install water resistant building paper underneath the siding. House wrap the building with something that is water proof in nature as it will prevent the water from entering wood. Apart from siding prices, this is another item which will accumulate your bill to an extent. However, it’s worth every penny you spend on it.

Moreover, this paper will safeguard the siding and backside of the siding. It will also overlap the top of foundation for overall protection of the structure.

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