Seven Secrets You Will Never Know About Painting

Are you wondering how you will get a job of deck painting done then this article has got you covered. If you need a proper application of paint then below are some useful tips that will surely come in handy. Many people own a confusing question that runs across their mind and that is regarding the frequency of deck painting. Several factors go into deck painting, and some of the secrets are mentioned below.

Knowing when to go for deck painting. Now to exactly know when it is the time to paint you have to go for deeper inspection. You need to check whether the existing coating is peeling off or chipping away or not. Do not forget to check for the molds. Also, find if the surface gets discolored or worn out as this is a decent signal which suggests getting a fresh coat of paint. If you will not get the coat on at the right time then there is a great probability of wood deterioration and that too very quickly. Do not skip these steps in deck painting because you will not be able to achieve success with inadequate preparation.

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Checking The Weather For Deck Painting

One also has to check for the ideal weather conditions. Before getting the deck painting done be sure to check with the weather forecast report. You might want to skip this step only when your deck is located in any shaded area else you need to be careful about the temperature. You should do deck painting on a cloudy day.

Choosing A Sunny Day

Many people make the mistake of choosing a hot sunny day for a quick-drying process. But you should never apply a deck painting under the direct sun. If you are questioning why then the reason lies in the poor adherence which then, in turn, affects the quality of color.


As far as the humidity of the day is concerned then it should be average. Applying the deck painting under an extreme humid temperature suggests that you will be affecting the drying time. For avoiding the negative effect on the gloss ensure that you are not choosing any humid day for the process.

Never Paint In The Raining

Many people dig into the trouble of starting deck painting in the rainy season. You should never start the work if you see the dews or if you are expecting frost in your areas. The gap between the rain and the workday must be at least 3 days. As far as the wood is concerned then it should also be dry. If you are not sure about the moisture content then you can check it via a hygrometer and make sure that it does not exceed 15 %.

Preparing The Surface For Deck Painting

Confused about the preparation process for the deck paint? Well, it should be clean. One must remove the stones and all sorts of grains. There can be the probability of wood being dirty, damaged, or chipped so in such case you need to fix the problem before applying deck painting.

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