3 Important Insights for Choosing a Garage Door

It’s important you have a high-end garage door to protect your home. But when it comes to choose one, you better consult with garage door repair services. They can help you make a better decision according to specs and budget. Following, we are going to point out some basics you should mind!


This is the most important detail you should look for. Garage doors use heavy duty springs to act counterweight to its overall weight. This makes it easy to lift the door when opening and closing. there should be at least two counterweight springs in the package.

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This way if lose one spring, the other will keep your door from slamming down on the ground, thus protecting your investment.

Security is More Important than Looks

Garage doors are nothing less than a solid barrier protecting your home from a burglar. Therefore, you need a strong door which with be pried open with little to no effort. Modern garage doors are made with these issues in mind but you still need to see the material and overall construction.

Make sure the door you choose provides adequate protection to your home and loved ones. Burglars look for design issues to open the door, to make sure any part that is easy to open or disassemble is not visible. Contact your local Garage Door Repair Canoga Park for more design insights.


Garage door is the biggest let through of heat and cold into our home. Therefore you should always check insulation quality before buying. Thick insulation layer on panels means you will have a stable temperature inside with little strain on HVAC system. Try R-10 doors if you live in cold region.

Basic aluminum panels can be insulated after purchase. It’s cheaper but it won’t work with wooden doors. So choose carefully! Garage Door Opener Installation companies can help with after market insulation.

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