How to Choose the Right Chainsaw for Your Needs

Choosing the right tools to make your garden work easier is no easy task. The chainsaw makes all the difference as it makes cutting easier, faster and simpler. And to choose the right chainsaw for your type of activity you need to understand and evaluate what you want to cut and where you are. There are chainsaws with combustion technology, electric and battery. Find the best chainsaw for your project at according to your needs. Check out some tips bellow:

How to Choose the Right Chainsaw for Your Needs

Combustion Chainsaw (Gasoline) – Excellent for those who need to do activities outdoors, away from the mains (since the gasoline engine does not require wires) and enjoy the freedom of movement. Gasoline equipment works with different power ranges, different lengths and characteristics and cutting set. They are available in models from home use to reforestation work.

Electric Chainsaw – Recommended for home and garden use, this model of chainsaw is emission free, lightweight, quiet and easy to operate. You should only have one outlet nearby that will be able to work the cable without interruption and simply.

Battery Chainsaw – This product is intended for indoor activities such as interior renovations and restorations. They are recommended for working in your own home or garden and in noise sensitive areas such as residential areas, leisure spaces, universities and hospitals. They are free of gas emissions and emit low noise, besides providing great freedom of movement.

You should take into consideration when choosing the ideal chainsaw the size of the saber (cutter bar with rounded end). A 30 cm saber can cut almost twice its length.

To choose the chainsaw according to your needs with safety in mind, this means that it should be a comfortable tool to use, with good balance and good power-to-weight ratio: light to handle and good work power.

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