10 Facts About the Tudors Banner

Many people have forgotten about the Tudors and the Tudor banner. It was a time period that everyone should remember because of the great ruling and for ruling for centuries. If you are looking for the top 10 facts about the Tudor banner then this article has got you covered.

Tudor banner and Tudor period

1-Many people don’t know about the have that the Tudor period lasted from 1485 to 1603. This is the time which is known to be as their ruling period and they were known as the ruling family in England.

10 Facts About the Tudors Banner

2-Richard III was defeated by King Henry VII in 1485 in the battle of Bosworth Field. Due to which King Henry VII ruled from 1485 to 1509 after he claimed the throne until his death.

3-Beside tudor banner, Tudor rose have a vital importance in the history of Tudor. When the famous war of the roses was ended by Henry VII then the Tudor rose was created. The battle was a famous battle which was prolonged for many years between the House of York and the House of Lancaster. He collaborated with a White rose of york along with Rose of Lancaster which resulted in Union rose which is also known as Tudor rose.

4-Henry VIII was known to be the king of England in around 1509 after his father died. He ruled until his last breath and his throne came to end in 1547. Henry VIII is known to be loving and cruel at the same time. He is known for marrying six wives. Many people judge him and label him as cruel because he also beheaded two of his wives.

5-Nowadays it is not a big deal to preserve one thing because none can even imagine living without a fridge. Everyone is having fridges and know how to preserve food. Like modern times tudor banner representing Tudors used to love food but they used to preserve it by using different methods. For meat, they used rubbing salt to preserve it.

Tudor banner food and education

6-At that times people didn’t have forks. At that time people in Tudor used to eat the food using fingers, spoon, and knives.

7-Many few people know about the books and education system of Tudor people. There were not many books for the people of Tudor so they used to read from hornbooks. On wooden boards, religious stuff was attached. Tudor banner was designed separately and came with a purpose.

8-It is said that the teachers were known to be very serious and strict. The punishment was 50 strokes of the cane. There was one more unusual thing that was quite unique at that time. There was a concept of whipping boy at that time from which the wealthy people used to take full advantage. When the teacher punished any rich guy then he had an option to pay for whipping boy. In this way, the whipping boy used to get punishment in place of that rich kid.

9-Many few people know that chess and card games were invented by Tudors. They are very popular nowadays and are enjoyed and played all across the globe.

10-As compared to the modern times the Tudor houses were quite different and resembled ancient houses. There was a wooden frame used for the houses. Sometimes building materials also included wet soil, clay, and mud.

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