Winter Interior Decor Tips


Throw one over your sofa, a chair or at the end of a bed. It’s an easy and very effective way to add those winter colours and patterns to your home. Using them as a cushion cover they’re also the perfect way to keep pet hair off the sofa. They’re not only a staple for aesthetic purposes, they’re great for the cold, winter nights.


Warm Tones.

Introducing those warmer winter tones into a room can create a cosier environment. This year it’s all about the greys and wooden tones. Layer different shades of dark greys throughout a space for a moody look. Lighten it by adding in some lighter greys or wooden tones. Wooden accents bring a warm rustic feel to any room.


Metallics are a way to make a real statement. Weather it’s a frame, vase, or a plant pot you can’t go wrong with metallic accents.

Statement and Scented Candles.

Bold coloured candles are the perfect way to make a statement. Candle holders can go simple or you can even display your candles on their own. Use candles to introduce those metallic colours mentioned above. Choosing a scented candle with a winter scent will add more warmth to the room. Cinnamon and Pine scents will leave you craving those winter nights at home.


Laying down a fluffy rug can make any room look warm and cosy. Utilise the addition of a rug by choosing a colour that resonates well with your warm greys and wooden features. Midnight blue is always a great way to compliment those tones.

Handmade Elements.

The clean and simple characteristics of Scandinavian furniture have become a fast favourite in the interior design world. This winter, to accompany those wooden tones, we are embracing the organic lines of handmade and crafted adornments.

This post was written by Chloe Cleaver a writer for property developer Tim Manning

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