Easy Fall Home Décor Ideas

Now that summer is coming to a close, the days are a little shorter, and a little colder. Not just that, but your summer additions to your home interior might feel a bit out of place, ready to be swapped out for the new season’s trends. So let’s bring some more warmth into your home with a few of these decorative ideas for the fall months.


New Accents
The easiest way to change the feel of a room is to switch up the details – they’re the real things that create the true “personality” of a space. Some new cushion covers, throws, or bed sheets can completely transform the color scheme of certain rooms in your home. Try including more seasonal colors, such as deep reds, oranges, and yellows, placed strategically around your home to make it look more autumnal without feeling like you’re pretty much redecorating. The use of heavier fabrics and darker patterns too, can provide a good contrast to the brighter, cooler colors and textures that are more popular during the summer months.  This can work even if your original color scheme has cooler undertones; the use of neutral creams and darker blues can make any room (even your bathroom) feel cozier!

Get Crafty
The internet is filled with ideas to decorate your home in the fall season. From Pinterest to craft bloggers, there are literally thousands of potential projects you can embark upon depending on your time frame, budget, and general crafty-ness. The simplest additions can often have the biggest impact. Our favorites include using spray-painted acorns to create table centerpieces, or decorating empty glass jars to be filled with anything from stones to dried flowers. More ambitious attempts could be the creation of a fall-themed wreath to be hung on your front door. These are certainly a longer term project, but worth it for the incredible impact they can have. Of course, the use of autumnal colors such as deep reds and browns, is very important to ensure your crafts have the desired impact on the feel of your home.

Pumpkins Everywhere
Everyone’s favorite symbol of fall is, of course, the pumpkin. As a decorative feature, they can be constantly replaced as needed, and as a result, they are incredibly diverse as they can be changed throughout the season. Again, a look around the internet can reveal some great ideas for pumpkin decoration, including house numbers painted on the side, pumpkin carvings of woodland scenes, and using dried leaves and paint to create autumnal patterns. Even if you’re not the creative type, a few carefully placed pumpkins outside your door or in your kitchen are a great way to move your home and garden décor into the fall.

Following these tips, being creative, and finding cheap home décor will help bring amazing ideas to life!

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