Hygiene And Prevention! Tips For Pest Control In Your Bar Or Restaurant

The pest control in restaurants, cafeterias, industrial kitchens and dining areas of any property is an item required to be considered, since the risk of food contamination due to the presence of pests is enormous.

Some pests can be vectors of diverse diseases, such as dysentery, diphtheria, tuberculosis, among others.

So, be careful with your establishment is little! The health of your business depends on the hygiene and safety it offers to its customers.



According to law, when applying the chemical control, the specialized company must establish procedures before and after treatment in order to avoid contamination of food, equipment and utensils. Applicable equipment and utensils must be sanitized prior to reuse to remove residues of disinfectants.

It is clear the possibility of using insecticides inside the establishments taking care not to contaminate the food. This solves a problem that has always populated the imagination of those working in the food industry.

The environment

Pest control in these environments requires careful analysis of the physical environment and hygienic conditions, storage and entry of goods into the site.

Sometimes the place is clean, with a good infrastructure, but it can happen, the invasion of the plagues inside the cardboard boxes, of the plastic packages that involve some foods, especially the grains, masses and crumbs, in the wooden pallets.

Make a good screening of all the incoming material before entering your restaurant environment.

Attention to trash

Restaurants produce large amounts of waste, which is just one more reason for pests to stick around. Do not stay with kitchen waste for more than half a period. Empty them frequently. In the trash can, keep bags and dumps well sealed. Always sanitize the trash bin and trash bin. The scent also helps to attract various pests.

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