Who is Responsible for Garbage Collection? Who Collects the Garbage?

In most cities around the world, garbage collection is the responsibility of the State. Urban garbage collection is carried out by dumpster rental companies specialized in this type of service. The trash removal agency responsible for garbage collection may have its own company for this purpose. This means that it also manages the entire company. The main reason that makes a public management does it this way is the attempt to save public resources.

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The other way is through contracted companies specialized in this service. The company needs to be properly regulated, that is, with its environmental licensing in days. The big advantage is that it saves human resources for the public management; however it is necessary to control costs.

How is urban waste collected?

The collection of urban waste is carried out by junk pickup vehicles built especially for this purpose. Garbage collection companies buy these vehicles that have different capabilities and functionalities.

After carrying out a gravimetric study of the waste generated in a city, the company establishes how collection should take place. Thus, on a certain street, the collecting vehicle may come every day and not on another.

What types of garbage collection are there?

The way to collect urban waste should be influenced by the volume of solid waste in the city or region. By considering the types and amounts of waste generated daily, it is possible to have a more efficient system.

All over the world, the biggest and best companies invest in understanding the dynamic volume of waste. This analysis allows for a daily follow-up of what is generated. In the Netherlands, for example, sensors measure the amount of garbage inside containers scattered around the city. Only when they are full are they actually collected. Thus, the company saves money, time, personnel, fuel and the city gains from less collection vehicle traffic.

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