Specialized Carpet Laundry

To meet the demand of different customers, carpet washing is offered through specialized systems for each piece. There is also the dry cleaning of carpets, to remove impurities and deeper stains from the piece.

Specialized Carpet Laundry

Carpet laundry procedure

The first step is to carry out an assessment of the condition of the customer’s carpet, for that carpet cleaning Melbourne professionals go to the place, remove the piece and bring it to the laundry.

After the evaluation, they check the best carpet washing system, in order to sanitize, preserve and restore the piece in the best possible way.

What are carpet washing systems?

There are two types of carpet washing system, namely:

European system: Through this system, the rugs are placed directly in the rug washing machine and the cleaning is done automatically and precisely. The couch cleaning Melbourne professionals supervise so that the cleaning takes place correctly. After washing, the mat is taken to a centrifuge to remove any excess water and dry completely.

National System: In this system, the mats are placed on a flat surface so that the washing equipment can sanitize them with water and shampoo suitable for the piece. After washing, the mat is sent to the centrifuge to remove excess water and dry completely.

Advantages of a carpet laundry

The washing of carpets is the best option for those who wish to have their carpets cleaned, sanitized and stored in the decoration.

They main advantages are:

  • It leaves your carpet looking new: It recovers the color and details of the piece through proper washings.
  • Personalized washing: Through evaluation, the professionals know how to use the best washing method for each piece.
  • Modern equipment: They have best carpet washing equipment on the market to wash any type of rug, whether imported or domestic.

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