Top 12 Things That Can Clog Your Drain

It is always a disgusting pile of black junk that comes out of the drain when we unclog it. Then, what is the aim of this blog. Professional drain cleaners would have seen thousands of clogged drains and things that cause them. Starting from acute drain clogging items to things that eventually clog the drain, there are a few top items that are very common. The aim of this article is to make you be alert when you flush or dispose certain things down the drain.


Top things that clog your drain

  1. Grease from the unwashed dishes that flow down the drain pulls in all the other clogs together making one big gooey gunk that clogs the drain.
  2. Disposable baby wipes and diaper is not actually disposable through drains. The term disposable refers to being one-use item. Flushing them would clog the toilet.
  3. Any plastic or cardboard piece no matter how small it looks.
  4. Cigarette filters, cotton swab and cotton balls might look small but, are one the top things that clog bathroom drains. Cotton absorbs water and becomes something similar to a filter that pulls all wastes together.
  5. Hair is one leading cause of clog in many houses. Hair tangles with other wastes and blocks the drain.
  6. Pasta noodle is similar to hair when it is inside the drain pipe. Apart from pasta, any other food particle that enters the drain pipe is a cause for clog.
  7. Vegetable peels can easily block the drain.
  8. No matter what type of toilet paper you use, do not flush it down the drain. Especially, the 37 ply toilet paper. This can easily clog your drain than any other type.
  9. The second main reason for clogs in bathtub is bath salt. Bath salts do not dissolve completely as you think. Though bath salts are not the major reason for clogging, they add up with the hair and easily form a block.
  10. Soap alone will not cause clog. It makes other wastes to combine together and turn into a solid. This will cause clog. The same goes for any cleaning liquid.
  11. Accidentally or intentionally, kids tend to flush things down the drain which would obviously clog the drain.
  12. Coffee grinds can easily clog the drain. They create a block by themselves and also attract other particles.

Tricks and tips to avoid the clog

Avoiding each and every type of the clog causing element is impossible. Some of the above can be avoided. Here are a few tips to avoid clog as much as possible.

  1. Dispose possible hair wastes, food scrap and coffee grinds in garbage.
  2. Add additional filters to your drain to block hair and other wastes from entering the drain.
  3. Install baby proof covers to toilet sink. This can prevent intentional flushing of toys. Also, teach toddlers not to flush their things. Use large toys in bath tub for entertaining the kids.
  4. Use vinegar and baking soda or any small method to unclog your drain once a month to avoid clog build up.

Clog is inevitable. Sometimes things clog your drain, out of the blue. Call any professional drain cleaning service provider for a solution.

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