The Process To Successfully Submit Roofing Claims

If you have experienced home damage from a snow, hail or wind storm, you know the pressure that you’re under. Not just from the storm itself but from the insurance application process. 

Submitting roofing and siding claims for your damaged home can be a long, arduous task that takes up hours, leaves you waiting forever, and, if unsuccessful, can result in you having to pay out of pocket for thousands of dollars in roofing damage. 

So how do you go about making sure that your roofing claims are successful? We break down this process so you know exactly what to do the next time it happens to you. 

Hail damage

Assess The Condition of Your Home Post-Storm

To determine the extent of damage to your home, it’s best if you take a look at it yourself. Remember not to try to climb your roof (it can be slippery and wet, so, therefore, dangerous), so just stand back as far as possible and oversee the damage. Take photos of any major damages and keep them on file. Trust us; you’ll need them later on. 

Contact Your Insurance Company

You don’t know the limitations of your insurance for your roof and exterior house if you don’t know what you’re covered for in the first place. Contacting your insurance right after the storm to determine the extent of your coverage can aid you with your process. This way, you know what is required to submit a claim, and what you need to provide them. 

The insurance company might also give you names for specific roofing companies that work with them. But our suggestion is to find one that you know is capable of handling the job to the highest possible standards while assisting you with the claim.

It is your legal right to select the company of your choice to do the repairs or replacements that are being covered by your insurance company ( We’ll explain that process for you below.

Severe damage to the roof by hail.
Severe damage to the roof by hail. Human hand with hail grains in front of a building roof.

Find A Roofing Company

You need to find a roofing company that can handle the repairs you need on your roof and the insurance claim on the side. Some roofers do not have the confidence or are not skilled in handling insurance claims, while others thrive on it. 

To make sure you find someone capable of doing the work for you, check to see if they offer the following insurance claim services: 

  • Free, no-obligation estimate for all emergency repairs and replacements
  • Full photo and reports for proof to the insurance company 
  • Assisting and representing your case when submitting your claim
  • They can conduct HAAG certified inspection with documentation
  • On-site damage assessments with your insurance adjuster

Submit The Claim Within The Time Period 

As you will know, you have a time period in which you can submit your insurance claim. Most companies offer you one year, but it varies from company to company (check your policy for your specific policy information). So basically, you got a lot of time to submit it. 

Once you submit your claim, an insurance adjuster will look at your property, usually around 1-2 weeks after the claim is filed. If they discover that the report correlates with what you submitted, they will approve your claim! 

If the adjuster denies your claim, it is a good idea to get a second opinion if you believe your home sustained storm damage. You can then submit the claim again. 

Get The Repairs Done & Pay The Company 

Now, it’s time to get the roofing company to work! Set up a time and begin the necessary repairs or replacement, so your home is brand new. Make sure the insurance company approves everything, so you don’t find yourself paying out of pocket. 

When it comes to paying them, it all depends on your insurance company. Some will send a cheque that may be payable to the contractor directly. Or they reimburse you once roofers have completed their work. It is worth remembering that you are always responsible for the payment of your full deductible.

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