Tips for Sending Moving Announcements

Sending moving announcements or ‘’I have moved cards’’ is a great way to inform your colleagues, friends or anyone in your circle of your new home address. Moving cards have been used for quite a long time, with good reason. They serve as an important life update. Social media sites can also be used for this purpose, but nothing can replace a beautifully-designed moving card. You may receive a few unexpected housewarming gifts from unexpected people in your circle by sending moving announcement cards. If you’re looking to send moving announcements, be sure to consider the following tips;

I have moved cards

Choose right template

It involves finding exactly what matches your needs. If you’re moving into the city, having a portrait of any monument of that city on your moving card is a good idea. You can also consider having a satellite photo of your new location. Whatever template you pick, make sure it portrays your personality and thoughts. So, go with your favorite colors and themes to design your moving announcement card. 

Who to send it

You are supposed to send moving announcements to everyone in your circle. It includes everyone from your kid’s friends to your spouse’s colleagues. Hand the moving announcements out in the office, and let your family pass them out to everyone in your locality. Make sure everyone in your circle is aware of your relocation. Lastly, don’t forget the people you have not been in touch with lately. They’ll likely be uninformed of your moving, so they’ll need to be informed.     

I have moved cards

Lastly, you should pick a reliable and professional printing company for your moving announces. There’s no point in wasting time and money with novices. Always prefer those with a good reputation. 

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