Kirby Vacuum does not Turn On: See What to Do

While doing this research on your Kirby vacuum cleaner may seem daunting, you are not alone. Know that millions of people go through the same defect, and many solve the problem of vacuum cleaner does not turn on with these simple tips.

Check out this list of things you should check before you go for service and put your hand in your pocket.

Kirby Vacuum does not Turn On

Check the outlet and the power supply

It may seem silly, but many people have a headache with a Kirby vacuum does not turn on because of silly errors with the outlet and power supply. Therefore, make the following checks:

  • Make sure the plug is firmly plugged into the outlet. It may be that during use the cord has been straightened and the plug is partially inserted into the socket. Put the plug back into the socket to secure its position.
  • Check the plug connection in the network or try another outlet. The outlet may be loose or broken.
  • Check that the appliance button is on. Seems like a silly thing, but it doesn’t hurt to try…
  • Is the power cord of the device damaged? The cable may have broken internally. It happens mainly at the junction between the end of the cable and the beginning of the plug; with frequent movements, the wire ends up breaking inside and causing poor contact.
  • Electricity outage. Are other appliances working? Check that the home circuit breaker is set (on) or wait for the utility to normalize. Without power, the vacuum will not turn on!

These are the first guidelines manufacturers indicate when you ask about the vacuum cleaner not working, and I believe it is no accident. Therefore, follow the advice of those who understand, and make these checks. Moreover, you can order replacement Kirby Vacuum parts for your machine.

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