Tips to Decorate the House Spending Little

Are you decorating the first apartment or do you want to give a raise in the decoration without spending a lot of money? Our home decoration design (รับออกแบบตกแต่งบ้าน, which is the term in Thai) professionals give you tips on how to invest in small changes that will change the look and give more personality to the project without big investments. Check out:

Tips to Decorate the House Spending Little


The cushions are usually the first items we think of changing to renew the décor. Investing in new accessories is a great way out. In this group, carpets and frames come in – the latter can help give a touch of personality and reflect the hobbies and tastes of the residents. But be careful not to choose very dark tones that may give the impression that the space is smaller and darker. In addition to this caveat, there is parsimony in the mix of colors between the accessories and, if there are prints, that they talk to each other.

The metal plots have gained the universe of décor, are cheap and can replace scrapbooks and picture frames.


Great allies, as well as supporting decorative objects, the shelves help organize the surrounding, leaving everything at hand and can occupy every room in the house, from the bathroom to the kitchen. Another option with the same functionality are wooden crates, which have low cost and can serve as a niche for storing books, accommodate bottles of wine, among other uses. If stacked, they turn into shelves.


The poufs can be multi-functional furniture. In addition to serving to accommodate more people, some have trunks, great for adding space for storage. Invest in models with the same sofa finish and casters to make it easier to move. With a wooden plaque on top, they can still function as a side table or coffee table.

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