What Do Cleaning Services Charge?

The human race has certainly come a very long way over the past couple of hundred years. Sure, we have some very impressive innovations like airplanes, automobiles and the Internet, but many would argue that equally as impressive is the fact that we understand germ theory and realize just how dangerous various microbial agents can be. Nothing really drives this point home like the Covid-19 pandemic we’re all still living through. Proper cleaning and disinfecting is more important than ever, though not everyone has the time nor the experience to properly clean in order to eliminate those dangerous microbes.

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This is why a lot of people hire cleaning services like Lemon Fresh Cleaning to handle the job for them. Though, if you’re going to hire cleaners, how much are you going to spend on the job? There is no surefire way to calculate these rates specifically. There is just so much difference from one job to the next that you can never be sure how much a cleaning job will cost until you factor in those variables. Here is some more information on the topic to help you understand.

Factors of Cleaning That Dictate Pricing

The Company Chosen

No two companies are exactly the same, though they are all in competition within the niche to get business while making a profit. We cannot give you any sort of guaranteed pricing here because every company is likely to charge a little bit differently for different factors that go into the services they offer. There is quite a bit more to this, but just know that the price you pay is going to depend largely on the company you choose. Then again, you are also going to get what you pay for, so quality costs more.

The Type of Cleaning Needed

What, exactly, do you need cleaning services for? Do you just need a home or an office tidied up with some basic dusting and disinfecting, or do you need a deep, thoroughly clean to remove grease and gunk and other nasty stuff? A reputable cleaning service is happy to show up to do both. The issue here, of course, is that you’re not looking necessarily at a flat rate based on per-room/per-area cleaning but are rather looking at extra charges for extra cleaning, which we’ll touch on more below.

The Difficulty of the Cleaning

How hard are the cleaners going to have to work once they show up to clean? This is going to dictate pricing a lot more than most other factors. It’s one thing to vacuum a carpet; it’s another thing entirely to steam-clean it and remove set-in stains. Most services are going to base their rates largely on the time it takes to do a job, not necessarily how large the rooms or properties are. So, of course, the bigger the mess, the longer it will take, which means more money.

Residential or Commercial

Another reason we cannot give you a set-in-stone price is that companies charge differently based on commercial vs. residential properties. As one might imagine, commercial properties typically require a whole lot more cleaning, like floors that need buffering and kitchens that have to be cleaned spotless and to health code standards. Residential cleaning jobs are not typically that laborious. So, you are going to find that the price range is different for a house vs. a business.

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Distance Traveled

While this isn’t the deciding factor in what a cleaning service will charge you, it definitely does still matter how far said company will have to travel. Are they driving for hours across separate provinces just to find you? As you might imagine, these costs will be passed on to you, the client, and not something that any company is going to absorb. This is why a lot of cleaners put a very strict range in their services, meaning they won’t even show up unless relatively local.

You can find a high-quality cleaning service near you without any issue. You just want to make sure they’re using safe, natural products, that they do a great job, and that they don’t charge you too much to hire.

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