How Can Black Kitchen Cabinets Make a Small Kitchen Look Good?

Traditional wisdom suggests that charcoal black kitchen cabinets should be reserved for large, spacious kitchens. Many amateur interior designers believe that black cabinets can make a kitchen space look smaller and more congested. There is, indeed, some truth to this idea. Black shaker kitchen cabinets do not usually reflect light, which means that they can make a room appear darker and more congested than it is.

Black Kitchen Cabinets

However, this is nothing more than an optical illusion which can be effectively counteracted by the proper use of lighting and various other design elements. In particular, charcoal black kitchen cabinets, when installed in small kitchens, should be paired with white countertops, light-colored backsplashes, and white flooring for appropriate contrast.

This would help balance out the color scheme of the kitchen and prevent a dark and congested ambiance in the kitchen. Black kitchen cabinets can also be paired with white ones for greater visual contrast. This combination of black and white cabinets in a single kitchen could be used to form an attractive and unique checkboard pattern in the kitchen space, which would allow your interiors to stand out from the rest with minimal extra effort.

Design Ideas for Charcoal Black Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to add a chic, elegant, and modern appeal to your kitchen space, then there can be no better option than to invest in a set of high-quality charcoal black kitchen cabinets. This is because black is the color of mystique and sophistication. Black cabinets can instantly enhance the regal appeal and elegance of a room. They can also add an aura of stylish modernity to the interiors of any home.

Moreover, charcoal black kitchen cabinets are easy to clean and maintain. They are capable of disguising minor stains and scratches, which makes them perfect for kitchens that are heavily used. Charcoal black kitchen cabinets are also preferred by busy professionals who don’t have much time for cleaning, dusting, and maintenance, for this very reason. Stains and blemishes are hard to notice on a charcoal black surface.

Hence, if you have a small kitchen but would like to install a set of charcoal black kitchen cabinets for the enhanced aesthetic appeal or the ease of maintenance, then you should not let traditional wisdom hold you back. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help you overcome the few drawbacks of charcoal black cabinets, especially in relation to small kitchens. Some of these tips have been mentioned below for your convenience.

  • White Countertops

When installing  black kitchen cabinets, you should consider pairing them with white countertops and flooring. A white kitchen island will blend effectively into its surroundings, especially when combined with white floors. This will help move the visual focus up to the black kitchen cabinets without making the cooking space feel congested and claustrophobic. The white surface of the countertops will also reflect light, preventing the kitchen from feeling dark and gloomy.

  • Glass Cabinet Doors

Charcoal black kitchen cabinets with glass doors are the perfect solution for those who want a chic, elegant, and modern-looking kitchen space. The glass doors of the cabinets will add visual space to the kitchen, creating an illusion of openness and spaciousness even in a small area. If you don’t want clear glass doors for your kitchen cabinets, you can opt for etched or frosted glass for more privacy and better aesthetics.

  • Pendant Lights

A set of beautiful pendant lights, placed strategically around and in front of the charcoal black kitchen cabinets, can effectively create an illusion of radiant spaciousness in the small kitchen. Pendant lights can blend seamlessly with chic and modern kitchen designs. Moreover, they can add to the overall style and aesthetic vibe of the cooking space, without drawing attention away from the ebony-hued frameless cabinets.

  • Colorful Accessories

Vibrant and colorful accessories, such as glossy metal knobs and hinges, chandeliers, and backsplashes made from glass tiles, can balance out the gloominess of the charcoal black kitchen cabinets. With such accessories, you can emphasize the sophistication of the black cabinets without making the kitchen space appear monotone and boring. Apart from creating a visual balance, colorful kitchen accessories can also help you unleash your creativity against the backdrop of the black cabinets.

  • Open Shelving System

Incorporating an open shelving system can be a great option if you are planning to install charcoal black cabinets in a small kitchen. Open shelves can make the kitchen look spacious and bright. Moreover, compared to traditional cabinets, open shelved cabinets are quite accessible and easier to clean and maintain. Depending on your needs, you can pair open shelves with traditional cabinetry or use them exclusively in your kitchen.

In Conclusion

If you’re planning to remodel or renovate your kitchen in the near future, then you should definitely consider installing a set of gorgeous charcoal black kitchen cabinets. These will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your interiors and allow your kitchen space to stand out from the crowd with little additional effort. For the best results, however, you should only buy high-quality kitchen cabinets from a reputed manufacturer such as Cabinet DIY.

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