Make Your Home Pet Friendly

Many people can’t consider a house a home without the presence of a dog (or two!). A newspaper poll states that over 33 million Americans are dog owners, that’s why makes sense that we consider our four-legged friends when we are making design choices within our homes. Cleanliness, comfort, and style are all considerations that we as pet owners need to think about.

When we have dogs running through our house on a regular basis, the rule of flooring is the harder and durable the better. Tile holds up amazingly well, also hardwood floor is strongly recommended. Carpeting is generally something that many pet owners avoid. It harbors hair, bacteria and it is really hard to clean when it gets dirty.


If you have a outdoor space, an electronic collar is highly recommended to keep your dog in the yard or within a set boundary in the yard. These collars use a transmitter to send a signal to underground wires that form electronic fences that creates an effective boundary that is invisible to the human eye. The dog wears a collar receiver that activates an alarm if your pooch wanders too close to the boundary.

If you are planning to buy a new couch, avoid white! If you have a dog at home, patterns and colors are going to help hide stains and hair. Leather is also a good choice because it is easy to clean and does not absorb odors and stains. An economical and widely used option when it comes to chairs and couches is the use of slipcovers. These come in all sorts of colors and sizes and are an excellent idea as they can be thrown into the washing machine.

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