5 Things to Look For When Doing Risk Assessment Of A Property

When you are interested in purchasing a home, you need to do a thorough risk assessment of it before making the purchase. This will give you a good idea as to the dangers a property faces, and how such perils can end up affecting its value. This will help you in not only deciding whether to buy a property or not but also to judge its value accurately. So, if you wish to know what to look for when assessing a property’s risk, then the below five points should help you with it.


Security System

The first thing to look for is the security system of the place. If you plan on storing any valuables in the home, then a security system will help to thwart and even nab any burglars from robbing them. As such, if a security system is not in place, then that is definitely a drawback.

Plumbing And Electrical Checks

Check the plumbing of the home and see to it that the pipes are all okay, with no signs of damage. There should not be any leaky pipes either. You should also look at the electrical works and check whether the connections have been set properly and if they are still fully functioning or worn out. Plus, it is also recommended that you inspect the heating and cooling system of the place.

State Of The Yard

The yard of the house also needs to be inspected. Check whether it is properly maintained or overgrown. While an overgrown yard does look visually unappealing, it can also be dangerous. Because of the overgrowth, creatures like possums, rodents etc. are likely to be more active in the yard. In fact, they might even set up their homes in there. And these creatures can eventually get into the rooms of the house, creating more havoc and stress. You may also not be able to claim any money from your homeowner’s insurance in case these creatures end up damaging the objects inside the home. This is why a thorough yard inspection is a must before buying a property.

Smoke Alarms And Fire Extinguisher

You must also look for smoke alarms in the house. This is especially necessary if you have experienced any incidents with fire in your previous homes. In addition, check for safety equipment like fire extinguishers and so on.

Roof Check

Check how old the roof is. If it has been several decades since the roof has been set up, then it should be carefully inspected for any weakness. Extra attention should be given to test the strength of the roof. And if the house is located in an area prone to stormy conditions, then the roof must be strong enough to withstand any type of extreme winds. In addition, you must also check the roof for any leaks.

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