The Models of Curtains for a Double Room

When choosing the ideal curtain for your room, it is necessary to think not only about the decoration, but also the usefulness of the piece in your daily life.

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Curtains have the fundamental function of controlling the amount of light that enters your room. That’s why they can make all the difference to create a more cozy and comfortable environment for your rest.

When choosing the best type of curtain or blind for your double room, it is important to pay attention to the different types of pieces and fabrics they are made with, to see which one best suits your taste and needs.

This double room has a white and straight curtain that gives a clean and modern air to the space.

We have separated some models that are functional and can give a more inviting air to your room:

  1. Fabric curtain

Classic models can be hung on a pole or a rail. Another option is to combine the curtain with a voil option, a thinner and more transparent fabric that is in front of it. It is still possible to cover up the supporting structures with a plaster curtain, giving a more modern air to the environment.

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  1. Horizontal or vertical blind

The traditional type of blinds outdoor can be an interesting option for those who don’t want to deal with long fabric curtains. Easily maintained, bedroom blinds can come in horizontal or vertical models, in different materials such as PVC, aluminum and even wood – which gives a cleaner air to the room.

  1. Roller shutter

As the name suggests, this blind turns into a roll when closed. It is a great option that can also be used in versions with blackout. The roller is a good idea for small rooms or when you don’t want the curtain to take up too much space.

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