Pest Control Tips For Spring

Soon the clocks will go forward again, and Spring will have officially sprung! The winter coats will go back in the cupboard for another year, and we can finally enjoy some nice weather.

But one thing can happen that will spoil your Spring enjoyment…pests!

Once the seasons change and the weather gets warmer, the pests will come out to play once again. Spring is ruled by the stinging, biting and jumping insects, so watch out.


So we’ve put together a great list of tips that can prevent pests getting into your home this Spring, and keep the pests away all year.

  1. Roof – If your roof is damaged, it provides an easy access point for all manner of pests. Prevent this from happening by repairing your roof tiles, filling in cracks, cleaning your drain pipes and check the roofing for any nests.
  2. Vents – Another easy access point into your home. Put some mesh to stop the pests getting in.
  3. Loft – The loft is warm, sheltered and a favourite place for pests to set up camp. Store all of your items in plastic, sealed boxes to stop pests from eating them. If you have wooden beams in your loft, inspect them regularly for any signs of damp or pest infestations.
  4. Bedroom – A bedroom is a prime spot for some pests, such as bed bugs. Keep your bedroom closed off, and regular inspect it for any pest activity. Clean your bed linen regularly and maintain a good vacuuming routine.
  5. Windows – A lovely Spring breeze is a must when Spring cleaning. But an open window is a great entryway for pests. Try to keep the windows closed when you know there’s a lot of insects flying around.
  6. Garden – Obviously pests are in the garden, and it’s quite a hard one to prevent! But you can prevent an infestation by keeping your garden clear, trimmed back and removing water sources.
  7. Kitchen – Food is always available for pests in our kitchen. Clean up any spills and crumbs as soon as possible to deter pests from visiting your pantry.

If your worried that you have a pest problem, it’s best to get in touch with a professional pest control company in London. They can offer you advice and guidance on pest prevention, and tailor their treatments to suit your needs.

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