Decorating Tips: Types of Log Burner

With the coming cold, many people think they could have made or bought a home with log burner in Bradford. If this is your problem, it can already be solved in a very easy way, nowadays there are a multitude of types of fireplaces that can be installed with your house ready quickly and without much work.


You can find everything from gas models to many others. The forms and materials used are no longer traditional ones and most of them do not even need a chimney. And best of all, some models can be regulated by remote control!

We’ve made a selection of models so you can find the perfect fireplace to heat your house or apartment this winter.

Gas fireplace: The great advantage of this type of fireplace is that they do not make dirt or smoke, like the traditional ones that burn wood, so they do not use the chimney. It is necessary to have a gas point in the place that you have chosen to put the fireplace, which should be done by a specialized professional. It should be ready by the time the technician installs the fireplace stoves in Bradford.

Be aware that the fireplace you have purchased or are considering purchasing has safety systems to avoid accidents. Make sure it has a valve that cuts off the gas supply if the flame goes out, preventing gas from spreading into the environment. Also verify that the product has a system that measures the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment and automatically shuts off when the amount of carbon dioxide is considered unfit for breathing.

There are two models for this type of fireplace. One is the linear, which comes with volcanic stones placed on the burners. These stones retain heat on the equipment by keeping the room temperature much longer. To install a fireplace of this model, it is necessary to make a concrete or masonry box to accommodate the burners.

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